Both hippy and dandy, Manish Arora is a singular designer in the fashion world. It is with exuberance and an endless creative vitality that he has been enchanting Paris Fashion week for a decade!

The uninhibited heir to Flower power, Manish Arora rejects conventions, he favours strong sensations, the search for liberty – all liberties – and is a devotee of free love. A contemporary dandy, he wields with dexterity sophistication and pleasure, insolence and eccentricity, joyously cultivating studied originality. It is this rich double influence that allows him to move with ease between the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert and the hallowed halls of Buckingham Palace where he converses with Queen Elisabeth!

Dividing his time between Paris, Delhi and the world, he uses the melting pot of cultures, infused with Indian heritage, to create a resolutely cosmopolitan wardrobe, and share a message of love and joie de vivre.

His style, at the crossroads of cultures, is like a poetic collage: tropical flowers married with tasty sundaes, Indian gods revisited as cartoons or mangas, Africa and Aztec patterns, Game of Thrones and Bharti Kher, Le douanier Rousseau and Sophie Calle, Buddhist Monks and Chinese emojis…. His muses? Emancipated artists, videographers, dancers, painters or photographers that nourish his flamboyant imagination, deeply anchored in contemporary society.

In homage to his first perfume collection his Spring/Summer 2018 collection was called “Ready to Love”. Inspired by one of his muses, the beautiful Noor Farres, the collection was all refined transparency, sophisticated embroidery and bohemian style. It was frivolous and neo-romantic, life through rose coloured glasses with butterflies in your stomach, just like his perfume collection.

Manish Arora