Hot Pink

The Hot Pink perfume is a dose of happiness and smiles!

A mist that radiates Rosebuds, the freshness of their velvety petals and the joyous scent of Mandarin oranges. Then comes the ecstatic indulgence of Strawberries, luscious with a touch of vanilla…Mmmm… Delicious! The day is starting off well!

And to be "Ready To Love" in all circumstances, Hot Pink is available as one (40ml), two (80ml made up of 2x40ml) or three (120ml made up of 3x40ml) bottles. One at home, one in the purse and one at the office… Easy!

Top : Mandarin, Rosebud
Heart : Centifolia Rose Absolu, Strawberry Macaron
Base : White Musk, Cedar