Intense Red

Isn’t red the colour of love and even the most torrid passions… ?!

A perfume of character, Intense Red  is an Oriental amber. A surprising balance of freshness and warmth, density and vibration, Intense Red is built around an amber note, lightened by Blackcurrant and Rosemary. The slightly resinous sensuality of the Labdanum mixes at the heart with woody and bewitching Patchouli, a little “flower power” and that’s a good thing… As time goes on we get lost in its base of Ambergris and Vanilla bean… It is an understatement to say that sensuality is at its peak and emotions are aflutter.

And to be "Ready To Love" in all circumstances, Intense Red is available as one (40ml), two (80ml made up of 2x40ml) or three (120ml made up of 3x40ml) bottles. One at home, one in the purse and one at the office… Easy!

Top: Blackcurrant-Rosemary Candy
Heart: Labdanum, Patchouli
Base: Ambregris, Bourbon Vanilla absolu