Deep Orange

Deep Orange was imagined as the scent of a ray of sunshine!

Deep Orange is a variation on a smooth woody floral, a solar sensation and a luminous aura.
It starts of clear and vibrant with Ginger and Cardamom. Then radiates the fullness of Sambac Jasmine followed by velvety Tuberose Absolu. Imagine a white flowers lassi…The day draws out and finishes languorously on a bed of smooth Sandalwood and mysterious Nagarmotha wood…

And to be "Ready To Love" in all circumstances, Deep Orange is available as one (40ml), two (80ml made up of 2x40ml) or three (120ml made up of 3x40ml) bottles. One at home, one in the purse and one at the office… Easy!

Top: Essence of Cardamom, Ginger
Heart: Jasmin Sambac Absolu, Tuberose Absolu
Base: Sri Lankan Sandalwood, Nagarmotha Wood